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Hello dears,

It has come to my attention that Atobe has been working too hard as of late. I think it our solemn duty to abduct and torment him with commoner life.

In other words, road trip? Who is available and for how long? We'll make something work ♥
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Many happy returns, buchou dearest.

Let me know when's a good time to stop in with your gift. I'd hate to interrupt any festivities ;)
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Happy birthday, Ryou-kun? Have you been keeping count ♥

Come to the hotel for a little spoiling. The matter of when is entirely at your leisure.
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Since coming back from the onsen tour with Yuushi-kun, I've been extremely troubled. Adjusting to pants every day is so difficult. I miss yukata.

I suppose the female front desk uniform will do for now. At least until I can fall into routine at the gym and get back to pre-vacation Taki. Those one of a kind trousers won't fill themselves!

In the meantime, I have a question for you all. If you were to date someone aside from your current significant other, who would it be? If you're single, who on your friend list would you consider dating (relationship status irrelevant - use your imagination!). Answer anonymously if you feel more comfortable that way ♥
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Just when I think I've heard every complaint under the sun and moon, I receive a call from an angry guest on our most prestigious floor:

Two little birds were having sex on his balcony.

Between randy wildlife and the cicada onslaught, I suppose it's about time I got around to harnessing the power of nature. I'm going to be a busy boy from here on.


I already told one little bird big blue birdie, I suppose I should share with the rest. I'll be playing bass guitar with some friends for the opening of a drag show in 2-chome. If you want to come, contact me to avoid that cover, ne?
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(1) Started out when I came in with two cups of Starbucks. The assistant manager got all excited. Sorry honey, they were both for me.

(2) Continued with the valet mistaking one of our male, celebrity clients for a woman. Not a difficult mistake from behind, but certainly a careless one. We were lucky that forgiveness only took a few smiles this time.

(3) Or so we thought. It seems that the young man thought to prove his masculinity with a threesome in the pool at 2am. Of course, this was my job to break up. Thank goodness that my drycleaner is a champion who can probably get these chlorine stains out.

(4) So distracted by the pool bit that when a guest told me to have a lovely evening, I replied, "You're welcome."

(5) Ended up holding a door open for at least 37 guests, because there was no good place to pause.

(6) Kicked out a drunk person attempting to defecate in a potted plant.

(7) Lured a drunk client out from under the table and back to his room. I had to bring a table knife to "guard against monsters."

(8) Held an early morning meeting at the end of my shift. I could not stop staring at the housekeeping manager; his tie was lopsided.

(9) Not to mention, the curtains in that room remain horrible. Half an inch too short! I keep forgetting to order new ones.

(10) As I'm leaving the meeting, I receive a text from the person that I was seeing. He thanked me for my time, but said that he felt no chemistry on our date. I may have gotten a little ahead of myself on that one.


Almost bedtime. Going to organize my room first. I'm on nights all week, so it's looking like tomorrow will be a two coffee day as well.
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I've read some good news here, so I'll share some more! My big brother will marry his lovely fiance this autumn, just as the leaves begin to turn. Naturally, I'll be the best man.

From Atobe's dance party to a straight bachelor party. Bring it on! Any takers to assist with the exotic dancer shopping?

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Apr. 16th, 2015 05:47 am
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I appreciate everyone's support on the matter of Kryt's unibrow. Yesterday, a few of the maids helped me lash him to a chair. I must have plucked for a good twenty minutes! But now he can't stop looking at his reflection. Another satisfied victim of Taki's salon~


En-chan, my ex-boyfriend, is coming down to Tokyo for the weekend. He says it's a business visit with old friends, but I always know when he's lying. Of course he asked me to put him up. I've arranged accommodations on a different floor. Now I'm wondering, belatedly, if I should have arranged for a different hotel all together. I do want to see him. We've made lunch plans. Chance encounters are just always more difficult than planned ones. Ah, but a different hotel wouldn't have worked either because...goodness, I need to stop thinking in circles; it's unlike me.

Even though we text every other day, this is the longest we've gone without seeing each other in six years. I hope that by now we've come to enough of an understanding for this lunch to start out on the right foot for friendship.
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Ask me 6 questions. Any six, no matter how personal, private or random, I have to answer them honestly in some fashion. Then in turn, you have to post this message in your own journal. Anonymous is enabled.
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Yesterday I overheard a conversation in a coffee shop about how everyone has a work husband/work wife. At first, I found that kind of silly. The more I rolled the idea around, the more I came to work husband is a forty-six-year-old front desk agent named Krit.
  • We notice each other's appearances.
    • When I wear the lavender suit, he always says "Wow, Taki-chan, you look so hoochie mama."
    • Every day, I fight the urge to shove him down into a chair and pluck that awful unibrow. The man buys expensive face lotion to have the skin texture of a baby's bottom and shops only designer, but won't keep up his brow game. I deserve a medal for my patience.
  • We talk about personal issues.
    • When my big brother comes to visit, Krit always wants to know how long we snuggled (answer: forever)
    • I listened to Krit's delight at the discovery of his pregnant wife's new stretch mark. Apparently it looks like a cute smiley face
  • We have fun together.
    • Back room karaoke: I was the Ken to his barbie, and he was the Kid Rock to my Sheryl Crow
    • We're planning an April Fool's Day joke to replace the coffee maker in the break room and put a sign on the new one that says "voice activated"
  • We read each other's minds.
    • When a girl walks by with a perfectly made up face and sweats, we shake our heads. No honey, no. Please let us help
    • After dealing with colossal morons, he brings me coffee just the way I like it and tells me my nails look fabulous :')
  • We have married couple arguments.
    • I hate that he leaves pictures of Leo DiCaprio's body with his own face pasted on in my desk drawers when I'm not looking.
    • He hates that I reorganize all of his things when he's not looking. I can't help it. Fuckboy, your affects are asymmetric.
Do you have a work husband or work wife? Tell me about him or her so I feel less sketched out about this whole thing  :)

Lucky Taki

Mar. 17th, 2015 07:38 pm
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I'm all a glow!

Today I had the good fortune of receiving flowers from Momoshiro-san. Ne, Atobe-san, your boyfriend is just as talented as he is kind and handsome. Don't worry. We mostly discussed urgent party business and which pretty outfits you would look most magnificent wearing.

Momoshiro-san, truly, you have a compelling way of arrangement. Your bouquet has such a contagious energy! I smile just looking at it. And my, my, the man knows how to place a gladiolus. Your efforts are highly appreciated, thank you.
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I thought I didn't have plans for White Day. How very wrong I was. If anyone would like to join the pie party, do drop a line.

Sengoku-san, thank you very much for the enlightening introductory course. I feel stronger already. The almost overwhelming urge to name my arm guns won't leave me alone. You and your well-conditioned hair are at fault.

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Feb. 24th, 2015 05:38 pm
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Last day of spreading the gossip that Prince Harry and I were going steady. If this picture doesn't convince them, nothing will. Measuring his sex appeal. Off the charts!

Played straight for the afternoon. Clean lined, sharp suit. No makeup and hair slicked back. Most importantly, no heels. I got my baby Camilla back from Otaru, so I took her along for the ride. Ne, Atobe-kun, you should be proud of me. I got an entire pickup full of lovely ladies.

And last but not least, I brought a much needed little death upon dear Hiyoshi-kun. For that, I might be a fourth of the hero that Silver Bullet is.
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From Momoshiro-san:

You MUST confess to something, no matter how ridiculous, and remain adamant that you did this thing. Say, invent the full stop. Try to convince people you really did this. And then apologize.
Keep this up for three days.

Have successfully convinced at least half of the night staff that my time in Otaru was a complete lie, just a cover for living in the U.K. with my boyfriend, Prince Harry of Wales.


From Ohtori-kun:

If you could have one thing, no matter how expensive or difficult
to get, what would it be?

I would give anything to never hear from my ex-boyfriend again. Before I left, I told him to call or text whenever he needed me. The day I don't hear from him will be the day he can stand on his own and take steps toward happiness. I want that for him more than anything else I can imagine.
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As I hang about the front desk in my management attire while humming this lovely ditty...

Shishido-san, or is it Kabaji-san now, asked:
If you could have any job in the world, what would be your dream job, and would you do it for minimum wage?

I love my current job, but in an ideal world, I would paint nails for free.


The Dare Game:

If you would like to take part, please abide by these simple rules.
1) Comment to this post with whether you would like me to dare you or if you would like a 'truth' instead. I will be willing to ask you a question if you are unwilling to preform a dare.
2) You will have 7 days to carry out your dare in a public fashion. If it is a truth you must post the answer in your own blog.
3) You must post this in your own journal so that I, and others, can comment and have you dare us in return.
4) If you comment you -must- carry out the dare/truth you are given. Otherwise you will be punished. You will have to preform a forfeit so horrifying that it is in your best interest to rise to the challenge~

I should warn you, I'm very creative.
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I am horrified beyond words.

Not only are our standard King size duvets a centimeter too long, but the sheets in every room seem to have shrunk to a different size (±3.25 centimeters off!). How could aniki let this happen? Further, how have none of our patrons complained about this yet?!

Unmitigated disaster. I won't stand for it. Fainting is a genuine possibility.
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Happy Birthday, Ohtori-kun. I hope all is going well for you in Kyuushuu. Senpai treat when you return ;)

Valentine’s Day )

And now I’m at the end of my first volunteer shift at the Tokyo Center. Of course my first day would be Valentine’s Day – all hands on deck! Because nothing would be worse than someone calling for help and being put on hold over volunteer staff shortage. The people are fabulous as expected. I was worried about my social group coming only from from work, since I don’t have many friends in Tokyo anymore, but I’ve already been invited to join a drag band. Sigh, the torture of waiting for Susie the Bass to be shipped.
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After all this time, these crowded streets still feel like home. How could I have forgotten how much I missed Tokyo? No matter, I’m settled back in now - as settled as one can be in a hotel suite ;)

I had better get to know my clientele before I take over the Tokyo property, and what better way than to man the hotel bar? One does hear the most compelling slices of gossip…

Taki-chan will be here all night. Yoroshiku~
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